We hope you enjoy your Blossm Bby fleurs <3

Here are some tips to ensure their longest lifespan


Fill a vase with fresh water

Ensure the width of the top of your vase is larger than the width of the bouquet

Unwrap bouquet (over sink as there is a water source)

Dispose of rubber bands and cellophane (you can keep the waterproof mesh on)

Keep the rubber band to keep the shape of the arrangement or cut rubber band for the flowers to fall naturally

Cut stems on an angle with sharp snips 1-2cm

Place instantly into vase to ensure the ends don’t close up (meaning the flower can’t drink water)

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight but in a light filled position

Avoid keeping near heater/air conditioner

Cut the stems, and refresh the water every few days


Due to the perishable nature of flowers, each stem will have a different life span, some lasting longer than others. Over time, remove each stem that starts to brown and dispose of correctly

We are committed to no wastage. If you want your bouquet to be everlasting take them out of the water and hang them upside down - they will dry like this

Some of your stems will be everlasting - you can make a cute arrangement after the fresh flowers fall. Some of these everlasting products are preserved and covered in harmful chemicals keep out of reach or children and pets and dispose of correctly



GREEN WASTE - Dead/Dried Flowers, Foliage, Cellophane (Biodegradable)

RECYCLING - Rubber Bands, Mesh
RUBBISH - Water Vile, Foam Brick, Preserved Flowers